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Uncovered Treasures 1


I gently lifted layer upon layer of wallpaper off the crumbling plaster walls. These fragments were the treasures I found as I renovated my little, hundred-year-old house in Salida, Colorado.  I could not throw them in the large trash bin used for deconstruction materials. I carefully stored these fragile memories in a large, flat art paper drawer for six months before I resurrected them to use in my next body of paintings.

There had been precious many years of lives lived daily in the kitchen, two parlors, and the bedroom.  I could imagine the joys, trials, dreams and loves filling those years.

The original Victorian wooden molding, that I had to remove as I rearranged walls, were compelling to me.  Their distress marks and layers of peeling paint were as enticing as the wallpaper.  My husband cut it into frames to fit my paintings. This renaissance of wallpaper and wooden molding tells a visual story.

During this period I went hunting through junk stores with an artist friend. I fell in love with a plethora of cups and saucers, bowls and pitchers made in the 20s.  Their shapes and bright colors inspired the next half of my new body of work.  Using more wallpaper fragments as a background, I drew and partially painted the pottery implying the times past.

I hope you enjoy all these uncovered treasures!

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